Fuck Juice. Our original hybrid silicone lubricant for gay men

-real men who love sex with men.

Enjoy every ride and then clean up easy

Forget hard to clean-up lube stains - soap and water does the trick!

SlikWillie at XLSIOR, GREECE

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Sex is fun- your lube should be too! 


Longer lasting, silky smooth with enough friction to maximize intense pleasure. 
Less mess, non-staining,fragrance free, condom/toy compatible.

Gay guys love sex without compromises. Sex is fun. It is part of who we are, of our life. We may never get enough. Lube makes things easier.

The quality of lube varies a lot. They don't last, some are greasy and most stain. They ruin clothing, sheets and furniture. That was why we decided to develop our own lube.

Our products took two years to develop by our own doctor! We set out to make a product to give you an experience beyond your expectations.

We had our final formulations tested by guys in Provincetown, MA, and the winning  formulation (it competed against five other brand of lubes) we named Slik Willie F u c k Juice, or just FK Juice. 

While the name is very straight (!) forward, as it tells us what we use it for, we soon ran into marketing issues. Some stores found the name way to explicit. Some thought the naked man on the bottle was too hot to handle for their customers. We had to censor it:  We gave it a second name, just Slik Willie, for those who need be more modest. All our Slik Willie lubes have the same content as Fuck Juice (except for our brand new Slik Willie Water Based, with a purple label).

When you do not want to showcase the FK Juice bottle with the naked man on the bottle, buy Slik Willie - it has the same content as FK Juice! 



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