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Slik Willie Hybrid Silicone and Waterbased personal lubricants are designed to help enhance pleasure in your most intimate moments. While designed for gay men we know plenty of women who love a Slik Willie! Who does not? 

Slik Willie lubes were carefully crafted to allow longer lasting, intensified sexual experiences. All while gently moisturizing your skin afterwards. Unlike many other brands in the market, Slik Willie lubricants are non-staining and easy to clean up. No more stains on sheets or ruined toys. Soap and water removes it with ease.


Hybrid Silicone

For long-lasting and memorable intimate moments that take you to new heights...

Long lasting


Never staining


Condom/toy compatible

Water Based

For gentle and natural lubrication that will take you closer than ever...




Silky smooth

Condom/toy compatible

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